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Type: Restaurants Properties
Agent: Ms. Trang
Company: Vnrenting Real Estate
Price: USD $ 23,000
Featured: No

Address: 51 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai – to the sea 500 meters. The European quarter is 100 meters away. Nearby are small hotels and guesthouses, tourist shops, the market Cho Xom Moi in a 6 minute walk!

Dining room “Okroshka” – an institution with new furniture and household appliances and with fresh repair, working in Nyachang since January 6, 2017.The staff is ready to serve the guests in Russian. Work until 22 pm

Motobike is included in the cost of sale

The owner of the business took care of advertising the dining room – now it can be seen in the tourist maps of the city of Nha Trang, and in the social network groups Vkontakte. And also employees hand out a flyer with invitations to visit the Dining Room – Okroshka or order Russian food with home delivery.

The room has:
115 m2 first floor: bar, dining room, kitchen, 1 bathroom, utility room.
Above there are two floors, where 4 rooms of 25 m2 are located, they can be inhabited. Rooms are equipped with beds with mattresses and bed linen, chiffoniers, and there are 2 bathrooms.
Expenses for the maintenance of business:

Rent: $ 1100 per month,
Payment for 6 months in advance + 40 000 000 vnd (1900 $ deposit)
Contract for another 4 years with a renewal priority;
Each year rent increases by 10%.
Utility costs: $ 95

Salary to the staff: $ 1300 per month

The cost of selling a business: 23.000 $

Contact us for further details and arrangements to view  the property

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Miss Linh Tran


Address:    24B Pasteur st.  – Nha Trang

Mobile: +84 905 309 388 (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype)


Skype: lamvylinh1988



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Ms. Trang
Company: Vnrenting Real Estate
Mobile: +84 905 378 537
Properties: 678

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Nha Trang

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